storms in my heart

  • 11th November
  • 11


Dear Dearest,
What do we have?
Do we have something?
Or is this all only an illusion…
…cause my blind obsession.

Of you.
I want you for me.
For me and me alone.
I want you by my side.
But why it is all about me?
What about you?
Is there any ‘us’ in your dream? In your heart?

  • 25th August
  • 25

The Day After

Dear Dearest, You said, ‘wait’. Then I waited. You said, ‘the day after’. And I keep waiting.

Tomorrow is the day after your tomorrow. And I will still waiting.

After all this time? Always… :) (Oh, and Prof Snape got a friend in me).

  • 19th August
  • 19

That Room and The Space

You might not understand, because you never ask. You might not care, because you don’t even need to.

I’m no mind-reader, but lately the better part of me keep remind me that I’m such a nasty person. I ask for this, this, this… Yet I can’t reach you. I still can’t understand you. Coz you never ask.

Then, the dawn came. Big chance you need that room and those space. Things that I can hardly give. Well, I’m working on that.

I think I will just sit near the pier, enjoying the waves and the birds singing. Best friend forever is what I want, but if the universe only give me a passerby to sit and chat about the weather for a while, then I should have satisfied with that. It’s not that I’m not trying to do my best. Maybe our galaxies just don’t collide.

  • 12th August
  • 12

Here We Go Again

Another silly conversation that leads to another silly arguments. Why don’t you understand that I just miss you too much and I want you to be more than OK.

I guess we keep on dancing on this devil’s circle. I do think the end is near. Oh I won’t say good bye. But I may keep the distance. May you have your peace of mind. See? I even as confuse as a 10 years old. 

  • 11th August
  • 11


Insecurity is killing me. Everytime you’re gone, I wonder who you are with. What you are doing. I don’t want to be the silly little insecure girl. But, oh, this madness won’t stop till we go to the next level, I guess. Does the chance exist for us? Will there be any ‘us’?

  • 24th February
  • 24


This is my heart. It’s broken because of you. I need to fix it. And also fix my sanity.

  • 23rd February
  • 23


Ya udah sik. Ngga usah berisik. Keras kepala sik. Dikasi tahu bertepuk sebelah tangan itu pait kok ngga percaya.

Ya udah, rasain aja sendiri.

"Tapi aku sebel banged! Kurang asyem itu orang." Tapi kamunya tetep menye-menye kan? Tetep cintaaaa kan? Yo wis, makan tuh cinta. Kenyang? Enggak? Sokoooor. Makan tuh cinta dan egoismu dan keras kepalamu. Tahan berapa lama?

One does not simply fall in love!!! Problem???

  • 9th August
  • 09
  • 13th July
  • 13
  • 13th July
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